TileEdit is a simple editor to pixel repeating tiles.

It should be pretty straight forward to use, but here are some quick instructions. Go to GitHub for the full documentation.

In C64 mode you have 16 pre-defined colours. You can also choose multicolour(2x1 pixels) or hi-res (1x1 pixels) mode.

Pick any of the colours and paint on the square. To delete a pixel, click the transparent (checkered) colour. The current colour has a ✓.

If you disable C64 mode, you get a colour picker.

You can turn on horizontal or vertical mirroring to make it easier to pixel seamless tiles. 'Save' stores the image as a PNG, 'Undo' and 'Clear' should be obvious.

If you want to edit an existing tile, simply drag and drop the image onto the square or paste the image into the browser.

You can start a new tile by defining its size as "10x10" "5x20" or similar.

Click "examples" and one of the images to see what your creations could look like.

Written by Chris Heilmann. This is open source and hosted on GitHub. Please report issues there. Pull requests welcome.